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Why Join A Book Club?

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Is there a way for you to save a lot of money on your favorite books or even have them free of charge?

Join a book club. Here, you can order books of any genre, from…

  • biographies
  • best suspense thrillers
  • science fiction
  • children’s
  • romance
  • best new thrillers
  • mystery
  • fantasy
  • self-help
  • best mystery thriller books

You can even get bestsellers for less than what you’d pay in a shop. Those who love books will surely benefit from the savings and selection that is afforded by club memberships.

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Why Join A Book Club?

Here’s How Some Clubs Work

Members are sent a book or even a set every month. You can either choose them yourself or the clubs themselves choose them for you. You have the option to return the books, in instances when the club chooses for you. Eventually, only those that you want get added to your library.

Depending on your individual interests, you could join specialized clubs or general interest clubs. Public interest clubs stock traditional classics and contemporary best sellers.

  • Specialty Fiction clubs (Romance, Mystery, Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Detective Series Books)
  • Special Interest (Home, Cooking, & Crafts; Christian & Conservative; History & Military; Lifestyle; Ethnic;, etc.)
  • Audio clubs (iPod, Mp3, etc.)

All of these are only a few of the general interest clubs. There are lots more!

Every club will offer significant savings and monthly shipments that are very convenient. However, you can only give your commitment to buying one book every six months, so if you already buy this often then, a club is the way to save money. You can use your membership to get books for loved ones during special occasions even if you are not really into books.

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The majority of book clubs have agreements with publishers. This is why they can sell books at cheaper rates than its actual retail price. There are some that charge a fixed price regardless of which titles you choose. Most of them are brand new and in mint condition, hard bound, too.

You can also enjoy first deals that these clubs offer. You will receive free book offers or significantly discounted books just for agreeing to buy a certain number of books over the next few years.

So, that was just a fast and easy overview of Why Join A Book Club.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to contact me.

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