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Hey there…it’s me, Kevin again…

Do you know the top books for book club available today? If you don’t, then you can try these top 3 books:

1. Brain on Fire: My Month of Madness Written by Susannah Cahalan

This is a true story of one healthy young woman that gets a mysterious infection within her brain and it shatters her entire world.

During the time, she did not have memory but she used her investigative and journalism skills as a way of discovering exactly what happened to her.

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Top Books for Book Club

2. Life After Life written by Kate Atkinson

This is a combination of historical fiction and fantasy. It touches on feminism as well. This makes it an interesting book that you can read today.

3. The Bone Clocks written by David Mitchell

The book talks about the difference between true and fake friends. After reading it, you will really start to ask yourself whether you truly have real or fake friends in your life.

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