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Best Selling Thriller Books by Kevin Douglas Wright, Author

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Have you heard this before…

“Objection, Your Honor!” ?

These words have become a normal cry from televisions and movies around the world.

Interestingly, these three words were only heard exclusively inside a courtroom during trials…that is, until a new genre of fiction was born and a new breed of writers emerged to establish one of the most popular types of fiction in books, movies, and television.

Legal Thriller and Courtroom Drama

One of the most recent additions to the genre of mystery books is the legal thriller. By its name, a legal thriller occurs within the context of the legal system, wherein a lawyer is, most of the time, a hero who seeks justice and claims it from the hands of an enemy which may or may not be legal authorities or people who try to exert influence over the law.

It is a thriller in the sense that dangers lurk around every page and the hero face threats to their profession and, at times, their lives.

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The legal thriller formula of entertainment has been adapted for television. This gave birth to courtroom drama, a more specific form of legal thriller wherein the suspense and the battle between right and wrong occurs within the courtroom; the endless interrogation and confrontation of the two opposing camps of the defendant and the plaintiff is the central action of the stories.

Legal thrillers have grown in popularity in the past few decades, thanks to writers who tirelessly share their expertise in law and skills in writing to produce some of the best heart-stopping books in modern entertainment. One of these writers is John Grisham.

Writer in focus: John Grisham

With 27 books (and counting) to his name, author John Grisham earns the distinction of being one of the most prominent legal thriller writers in the United States and the world. John Grisham’s books never fail to make it to lists of top legal thrillers. He also features in most, if not all, lists of top writers in the said genre.

Of his books, 9 were adapted into movies and 3 into television series, where high-profile Hollywood actors like…

  • Denzel Washington
  • Julia Roberts
  • Tom Cruise
  • Sandra Bullock…

…and others played the various, complex roles that populate his fast-paced stories.

Readers all over have commented that his books were better than their movie adaptations. If you’re not yet acquainted with John Grisham books and one of the best thriller authors, now is the best time to check out his books, especially the ones with adaptations, before you even attempt to watch the films themselves.

  • This will allow you to appreciate the power of the narrative that the writer wrote and wove.

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Best Selling Thriller Books

Most of Grisham’s books enter the bestseller lists both locally and internationally. Here’s a synopsis of his 2010 great thriller books, The Confession:

The Confession (2010) is about Travis Boyette, a man who committed a horrible crime and watched quietly as an innocent man was convicted in his place. Now, almost a decade after, Travis was confronted by the past; he believes that a confession can set things right, but time is already running out for him and the innocent man wrongfully sentenced for a murder not of his doing.

If you wish to learn more about the genre of legal thrillers, we recommend you read John Grisham books to appreciate his gripping page-turners.

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